30 Year Journey

Zig Zag Gallery, Kalamunda.

OPENING EVENT: Saturday 22 August 2 to 4 pm.
EXHIBITION OPEN: Friday 21 August to Sunday 13 September

30 Year Journey, my tenth solo exhibition, celebrates my experience as a visual artist. The paintings and prints were created in New Zealand, Scotland and Western Australia from 1990 to 2020.

Expressing myself in colour comes naturally to me. I develop expressionist artworks through reflecting on my relationship with my local environment. My art combines an interest in the shifting effects of light and colour with an exploration of emotional experience (a combination of Impressionism and Abstract Expressionism).

There are opportunities to meet me and hear about my creative journey during the exhibition. I’m interested in creativity in all areas of life and share my thoughts on finding your voice and persisting in creativity

Meet the artist:
Saturday 22 August 2 to 4pm Opening
Thursday 27 August 10 to 12
Saturday 29 August 10 to 12
Sunday 30 August 2 to 4

Thirty Year Journey exhibition