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Clare McCarthy December 2017
It’s kind of magic the way a painting can change our mood and become an intimate part of our home. It’s not just the positive, bright and uplifting ones that have impact: a somber, earthy, mysterious image can resonate just as strongly.

It's all about colour for me. I develop abstract, evocative artworks through drawing, painting, and printmaking. Experimenting and making ‘mistakes’ are all part of the creative process. At some point the image resolves into its completed state and the creative experiment stops…until next time. Often I work in series where one work leads onto the next in a creative flow.

My first significant paintings were landscapes of Wellington, New Zealand where I grew up. Later, living in Scotland for 12 years I was influenced by the seasonal changes: the richness of autumnal colours and the delicate tones of spring.

I moved to Perth, Western Australia in 2012 into a completely different environment. My colour palette changed: the light and the heat can be intense creating strong reds, yellows and ochres. Then there's the Indian Ocean... As before the influence of natural forms, patterns and colours continues in my work. Lately I've also been revisiting my original influences in abstract expressionism and enjoying impressionist moments exploring light filtering through trees.

I have a BA (Hons) degree, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. I also studied at the New York Studio School in New York City. I have exhibited in New Zealand, the UK and Australia for over 25 years. I've had solo exhibitions and have also been involved in various artist groups holding exhibitions and open studio events. I was recently Secretary of the Printmakers’ Association of Western Australia (PAWA). Visit PAWA here

My prints and paintings can be seen in Perth at

Clare's Studio by appointment

Gallery360, 309 Hay St, Subiaco, WA 6008 Ph: (+61) 8 9381 6577

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